Boggle Friday, Episode 4

Howdy, folks!  It’s been a long, long time since I have posted, so I thought I’d get back in the swing of things with another Boggle Friday!  Feel free to try your hand at beating me (which some of you undoubtedly will accomplish).  Let me know how you did, and if you have any suggestions on making Boggle Friday better!

My humble score of 57 points with 44 words (including one 7-letter gem) is surely beatable!  Have at it!

E     N     H     D

C     O    Qu    H

W    E     Y      T

R     P     D      O



Target Joins the Insanity Club

So as most of you are aware, Target has recently come out loudly proclaiming their policy of gender neutrality when it comes to the restroom.  That’s right, folks, you now need no other reason other than your own feelings and mind to tell you what bathroom to use.  No longer does the bathroom you use have to be defined by basic, middle-school biology.  Now, there is nothing preventing a biological male (what a ridiculous term, by the way — up until 8.2 milliseconds ago, what other kind of male was there?) from walking into the ladies’ room.

In fact, there shouldn’t even be a ladies’ room!  Or a men’s room!  There should just be “rooms”.

But let’s not stop there, folks!  Why waste all that money making two separate restrooms?  If either gender can use either restroom, then why not just combine it all into one big, happy “catch-all” restroom that anyone can use?  Genius, right?

But . . . let’s not even stop there!  Why restrict cigarette sales to people over 18?  Why restrict alcohol sales to people over 21?  If something like your exact gender, which can be easily verified by a glance at your anatomical features, is relative, then certainly something as tricky to guess as age should be relative, right?  What about weight?  Weight can be even harder to guess than age, sometimes.  Certainly weight should be relative.

Financial status, employment status, security clearance level, colors, measurements, tastes, definitions, grammar, laws, everything — let’s just make it all relative!

Picture, if you will, you’re walking down a long, dark tunnel called “Progressivism”.  Along the way, you can just glimpse a picture or two.  On one side, you pass a horrific picture entitled “Abortion”.  A few minutes later, you pass a picture entitled “Homosexuality”.  Walking further down the tunnel, you espy a strange, senseless picture entitled “Transgenderism”.  All along the way, you keep wondering what is at the end of the tunnel.

Then, finally, you reach it.  An eerie chill comes over you as you see a dark, foreboding wooden chest emanating a ghoulish green glow.  Slowly, hands shaking, you lift the lid, and look inside, and see these words: “Chaos.  Madness.  Destruction — it never ends.”

What on earth was I trying to say with my mystical tale?  This: No progressive realizes it, or wants to admit it to himself/herself/itself/whateverself, but progressivism is just a downward spiral into absolute madness, destruction, and chaos — and there’s no end to it!  Every step of the way, they’ve tried to “soothe” the consciences and minds of conservatives by assuring us that “it’s only this one thing”, “this is just one small thing; your rights are not going to change”.  A few months go by.  Then, what do you know?  Another “small thing” comes up, taking away more rights of conservatives, demanding more elite status for the mentally confused minority groups.  It’s like a small fungus that keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, and there’s no end.

For instance, at first, homosexuals may have just wanted to have their own lives, without anyone interfering with their private sex lives.  But then, they forced it on the public.  Then, they got it legally recognized as marriage.  Then, they demanded that Christians violate their religious beliefs to accommodate them.  Then, they scream bloody murder if legislators try to protect a few religious institutions from having to violate their religious beliefs in a few instances.  Where was that “Your rights aren’t going to change” shtick that you lamely offered us three months ago?

What they won’t admit is that it will never end until everyone is forced to bow down and kiss the toe of a statue of two homosexual men kissing.  Seriously, laugh and say I’m using hyperbole, but the whole entire logical conclusion of relativism and progressivism is that THERE IS NO END!  Once you start down that slippery downward slope into destruction, there is no telling what will come up next!

It is hypocritical for Target to say gender doesn’t matter, but age when purchasing alcohol does.  It is hypocritical to say that a man who thinks he’s a tiger should be locked in a mental ward, but a man who thinks he’s a woman should be worshipped and bowed to.  It is hypocritical for people to go to pieces over the endangerment of bald eagles, but ruthlessly butcher 60 million unborn babies.  It is hypocritical to say there are no moral absolutes, and then accuse conservatives of violating moral standards by hating.

Progressivism loves to point the finger at Christians and conservatives and call them hypocrites, but maybe they should check out the 248,796 fingers pointing back at them and their blatant hypocrisy.  Oh, and how’s this for mind-bending: It’s hypocritical for progressivist hypocrites to call other people hypocrites!

So congratulations, Target.  Way to get right on board and dive head first into the madness that will end in a society that is pathetic, puny, worthless, and senseless.  Way to join the train careening full-speed toward the wall that is absolute chaos.  I’ve posted on this already, but honestly, do they not realize where this will end?  Are they really sitting there in La-La Land thinking that this is perfectly normal, completely blind to the fact that within a few years, we may as well burn our dictionaries?  That’s right folks, as in the days of Hitler and Communism, once again all books will need to be burned, because the only education, definitions, legislation that will matter is what the elite propagate.  Seriously.  That’s the only way this can end.  If you can’t see that, then you have been duped as well.

Picture a society where any man can walk up to his neighbor, stab him in the chest, take his keys, and steal his car.  And there’s nothing anyone can do about it.  Picture a world where a woman can take her three kids, drown them in a swimming pool, and go about her day.  And there’s nothing anyone can do about it.  Picture a world where a contractor can throw away his building codes, a doctor can skip medical school, and police officers can kill whoever they want anytime.

Sound fun?  Then go ahead and write Target your thank-you note for ushering in this wonderful new age.  Because that, whether you think so or not, is where relativism, progressivism, and liberalism will ultimately take us.  No, I’m not exaggerating.

Congrats, Target.  You have just taken another giant step in removing any sort of logic whatsoever from life.  Well played.

The Paradox of Marriage

I have made the argument before that when we finally descend into the slippery slope of defending adultery and legalizing impossibilities like same-sex marriage, marriage no longer means anything.

As a matter of fact, it is rather paradoxical for the gay rights activists to so loudly clamor for the right to be married on one hand, when in reality, their winning the case means there is no such thing as marriage anymore.  Congratulations on winning the right to enter a now-obsolete institution!

I have racked my brain for weeks, trying to determine exactly how you define marriage in today’s dictionaries.  What does it mean to be married?  You don’t have to be married to have sex, to have kids, to raise kids.  You don’t have to be two people of opposite gender to be married.  What is reserved for marriage only?  Is there anything you can honesty say that sets marriage apart from non-marriage?  What is it?

Gay folks clamor so loudly for the right to be married, but they cannot define what marriage even is!  I think our country has finally descended into certifiable insanity when people will all but crucify each other for the right to be something when they have no clue what it even is that they want to be.

What is it, gay person, gay couple, that you are seeking within marriage?  What is it that has been denied you for the countless decades when the government did not legally recognize homosexual unions as marriage?  Word semantics?  What fundamental right have you been deprived of for all these years that suddenly you now have?

The morning after the Supreme Court recognized “same-sex marriage”, what was different about you and your partner’s relationship?  Does the amount of sex you’re allowed to unsuccessfully try to have change?  No.  Does the fact of whether or not you can live together change?  No.  Does the fact of whether or not you can have a kid together change?  Nope, you still can’t, and that ain’t the government’s fault.  Does your magical love bond between one another somehow change?  Nope.  In essence, you woke up to find that nothing about your relationship had changed, and yet, you celebrated this non-change with all the vim and vigor befitting the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games.  What, precisely, were you celebrating?

In order to further explain my point, I am going to stage a rather awkward conversation that might take place between a traditional-marriage guy like myself and a gay rights activist.  Since I do not have Gender Identity Disorder, I cannot converse with myself, and since I don’t have the luxury of having an LGBT rights activist in the room, I’ll carry on this conversation with my imaginary gay friend.  I will speak on his behalf using the only logical arguments I can imagine him giving.

“Hey, Imaginary Gay Friend, I heard you were fighting for the right to get married.”

“That’s right!  I should be allowed the same right to marriage as you!”

“That’s interesting, I thought you already had the same right as me to get married.”

“Well, I mean the right to marry my homosexual partner of the same gender.”

“Oh.  Well, exactly what do you mean by married?  Once you gain this right, how would you define marriage?”

“Um . . . a union of two people that love each other?  I guess?  I don’t know.”

“So you don’t exactly know what marriage means?”

“I guess not.”

“Why do you want to get married?  What is it that you don’t have now that you will have once you are married?”

“Um . . . I don’t know.  Hospital visitation and guardianship rights?”

“There are other ways to get those besides marrying a boy.  What major thing is it you are seeking inside the marriage union that you don’t have now?”

“Well, tax benefits, for one thing.”

“OK, name another thing.”

“Um . . . I don’t know?  A marriage license?”

“Well, that’s an awful lot to undertake just for a slip of paper.  So you admit that it’s all about tax benefits?  It’s all financial, all about the money?”

“No, man, it’s about love!  We love each other!”

“And yet, when pressed, you cannot come up with any way you will legally be able to love each other more after you’re ‘married’ than before.  All that changes is your tax status.  Yet you claim it’s not about money.  That makes no sense.”

“I don’t know!  Just leave me alone!  Love wins!  Pride!  Gay Pride!  L-G-B-T, L-G-B-T!”

Now, at this point, I have decided to insert imaginary ear plugs to block out Imaginary Gay Friend’s imaginary mantra chant, but I think you get the point — gay rights folks don’t even know what they’re fighting for!  What a bunch of noble, heroic individuals — bravely going into battle fighting for the right to . . . um, well, we don’t really know, but it’s a good cause, trust us!

Marriage is not a civic institution.

That’s right.  You read that right.  Marriage is not a civic institution.  This is evident from the fact that the sanctity, commitment, and permanence of marriage are not legally protected.  The U.S. government did not come up with the idea of marriage — that was around a long time before the 18th century.  Even in the U.S., it’s still legal to cheat on your spouse.  It’s legal to end your marriage, which you vowed at the altar was permanent.  It’s legal to have sex before and after marriage, with your partner or not, as long as the other individual consents and is of age.

Marriage is actually a moral institution, because its vows are made before God, and the permanency and commitment to actually not cheat, to not have sex outside of marriage, and to stay together requires going beyond the law.  See, it’s legal to cheat, but not morally right.  It’s legal to have sex before marriage, but not morally right.  At least, to some people.  At any rate, the issues that define marriage, that have defined marriage for centuries — permanency, commitment, childbirth and raising, intimacy — are all issues of morality.  Do you see what I’m saying?

As far as the legal side goes, marriage is simply a moral institution that is recognized by the state.  They don’t define, invent, or control marriage, because there is no legal definition for it — they simply recognize it’s existence.

So, therefore, legally, marriage means nothing more than a slip of paper and some tax stuff.  It stands to reason, therefore, that the only significance marriage has is a moral significance.  The only real substantive definition marriage has is a moral one.

So, same-sex partners who want to be married must want the same moral significance to their marriage as Christians do when they get married.  Apparently that is the case.  I have just removed any other logical argument for you wanting to get married, so if that is not the case, then you don’t have a leg to stand on.

If you want the government stepping in to define marriage, it must mean you want the United States government to determine your morals.  Or, better yet, you want your morality made into law, which is the same thing you are accusing Christians of doing.  “You can’t make your morals and values and Bible verses into law!”  they say.  Yet, when we admit that marriage is a moral institution, and they want the government to step in and define and control it and force it’s definition upon us, then they are pushing to make their morality, however twisted, into law!

Goodness, my brain is starting to hurt from trying to dig deep and discover what is at the heart of the LGBT agenda.  Perhaps I should stop trying, and just admit that they really are nothing more than illogical people spouting random ramblings about which they know really nothing, and that don’t even have to have logic and common sense behind them. “We want marriage — but we don’t even know what marriage is.”  “We want our moral institution to be legalized — but you can’t legislate your morals.”   “We want your rights to end when they encroach upon our morals, but our rights can encroach the garbage out of your morals all day and we don’t care.  As a matter of fact, we will spit it your face and trample you in the mud while encroaching upon your morals to flaunt our own.”

Let’s just stop looking for sense in their arguments.  There is none.  When it boils down to it, they are selfish little children crying because things didn’t go their way, and therefore want Big Daddy Government to step in and “make the bad guy go away”.  Their arguments don’t have to make sense.  They never do.  They find buzz-words like “discrimination”, “hate”, “bigotry”, and toss them around because those are the cool words on the block, all the while having no clue what those words even mean (and if they were educated in out public schools, they probably have to copy and paste, rather than try to spell them without help — there’s another argument for another day).

Folks, marriage means something.  And it means something moral.  It’s fine for the government to recognize marriage, but they don’t own it, nor can they redefine it.  They didn’t come up with it.  Furthermore, marriage most likely doesn’t mean anything to the same-sex agenda-pushers that lobby for it.  They just want media attention and nominal victory, even if it means absolutely squat in the real significance of things.

Is your head spinning yet from all their nonsense?  Mine is.  Break time.



Living in a Self-Obsessed Society

Our society is selfish.

That’s a fact.

Americans are consumed with themselves, and they cannot bring themselves to think that anyone or anything more important than their almighty opinion exists.

The homosexual activists are a perfect example of this.  Don’t be taken in, folks.  Don’t be duped by their constant preaching of “tolerance” and “love”.  They don’t care about anyone other than almighty Self.  Why do I know this?  Because of their utter, blatant hypocrisy — we are so tolerant that if you disagree with us, we will do everything short of decapitating you and feeding your headless remains through a wood chipper, while joyfully chanting and doing a victory dance around your pulverized body parts.

And how dare you try to simply adhere to your Christian beliefs, and politely decline to participate in a homosexual “wedding”.  How dare the governor of your state be thoughtful and considerate enough to realize that not everyone is comfortable in their conscience with being a part of what God calls abominable, sodomy, unnatural, evil, and sinful; and to try to write a law to protect such people.

Now, let’s be clear — in no case whatsoever, in no place whatsoever, are Christians refusing service to gays.  It’s just not happening.  The selfish, egotistical gay activists would like you to believe that is true, but it’s not.

Here’s what’s actually happening: gays are being given the same service as normal individuals (notice the distinction between gay and normal; yes, it was on purpose), up until they try to ask (or coerce) business owners they know are Christian to participate in their so-called “same-sex wedding” (a contradiction of terms).  Then, the Christian owners are politely declining, and that is that.

End of story.

But where’s the hate, the discrimination, the public shame, the mockery, the insults, etc.?  Good question — they are not part of the story!  Actually, I should clarify — they are the part the LGBT crowd added in later to victimize themselves, because obviously no one in the world is more important than Mighty Me, and should anyone’s principles keep them from serving my fetish with the unnatural, disgusting, and perverted; clearly, they are the bullies and I am the poor, innocent victim.

News flash: if you mess around in a mess of filth way outside the bounds of normalcy, you can probably expect that normal people’s principles won’t make an exception to pander to you.  If you run around naked making jet noises, there are probably some people who won’t accommodate you.  If you go around juggling dirty diapers, you will probably run into some situations in which you are not able to participate, and areas where you don’t fit in.

But that’s just it!  In today’s America, you have to fit in!  No matter what your fetish, obsession, quirk, or fantasy, even if it’s destructive, unnatural, disgusting, and repulsive to those around you — everyone must bow to you!

“But it’s my rights!” you say.  Ever heard of indecent exposure, public indecency?  For some reason, they still apprehend people for that, last I heard.  Why?  Because even though the individual may not be harming anyone, and even though he may enjoy camping out naked on a park bench, it offends and repulses those around him, and it is inappropriate behavior.

Folks, I don’t care how legal it is.  I don’t care how widespread it is.  I don’t care who endorses it.  Homosexuality is, always has been, and always will be inappropriate, unnatural behavior.  OK, so the Supreme Court allows you to practice it.  Even publicly.  But don’t expect everyone to applaud you and ask for your autograph every time you bump into them.

It’s the same with transgenderism.  Somewhere along the line, people have decided that their fantasy, confusion, fetish, desire, or whatever it is trumps anatomical fact.  I recently received a comment from one such individual which claimed that their endocrine system was thrown out of balance by hormones his/her mother took during pregnancy.  Thus, this individual became “gender-confused” and spent years of therapy and counseling trying to overcome the confusion, but eventually gave in and “transitioned”.

Now, here’s the problem.  Anyone could come along and claim to be gender-confused.  Is there some medical test we can do to determine if a person is gender-confused?  Can we look at their cells under a microscope and see that they are struggling with their sex?  This individual used the argument that all of us have male and female chromosomes inside us.  But anyone can claim that their chromosomes and endocrine system is off-balance, and once you concede to individuals like the one in question, you must begin conceding for other reasons.

Before you know it, children get to choose what sex they wish to be.  Oh wait — that’s already happening!

The problem is, there has to be empirical, observable, clear-cut standards that define our society.  In an earlier post, I laid out the dangers of relativism, of having no absolute standards.  It leads to destruction, mass pandemonium, chaos and utter confusion.  If our definition of male and female are so utterly vague and useless as to be nondescript and all-inclusive, then chaos ensues.  Why have any men’s or women’s restrooms at all?  Why have men’s or women’s anything?

Here’s a brain-stumper: Why have a women’s rights movement?  After all, isn’t the term “women’s rights” too narrow in its gender assignment?  What is a woman, really?  What is a man?


Transexuals’ personal struggle, however real it may be, does not trump all of society with its standards and definitions.  One minority’s struggle with reality does not re-define reality for everyone else.  To think your feelings and ideas trump the dictionary, the general population, years of science and history, and even God Himself only goes to show one thing — your utter, total, and complete obsession with yourself.


McDonald’s workers now need $15 dollars an hour.  Forget that our armed forces who are losing limbs, being paralyzed, traumatized, leaving daughters and sons, yes, even dying, don’t make that much.  Forget that those police officers you hate so much that keep the bad guys off the street don’t make that much.  Clearly your post-graduate studies in burgerology and fry dumping make you the superior employee, and thus worthy of higher pay.  Clearly Burger King and Taco Bell were meant to be professional careers.  Clearly some teenager who can’t keep his pants on, can’t keep a needle out of his arm, and can’t even spell experience should be one of the elite members of society.

And let’s not even delve deeply into abortion — where the body of the mother who couldn’t keep her clothes on trumps the life of a precious, innocent child who has never done anything wrong.  “Me, me, me, me, me, it’s all about me, my rights, my body!  Get out of the way, little kid!  Why don’t you just die so I can live with my body and my life the way I want it?”

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”  Does anybody even know who said that?

Um . . . it was Clinton, I think?  No, Lincoln!  Or wait, it was on an episode of Law and Order, right?

Let alone who said it, America no longer knows what it means.  As soon as the focus shifted from responsibility to rights and from sacrifice to privilege, we were doomed.  Even selfies are evidence of a society of self-proclaimed gods and goddesses that expect everyone else around them to bow as they travel the red carpet everywhere.

Problem — all those around you that you want to bow to you?  They think they’re gods and goddesses as well.  It’s like Thor’s family reunion on steroids — everyone being God, everyone trying to one-up the others, everyone trying to be “king of the hill” and crush all other contenders.

Hmm . . . I wonder if that might result in chaos and destruction?  I don’t know.  See “Baltimore in the post-looting-by-whining-babies stage”, for one possible answer.

Boggle Friday, Episode 3

So . . . I realize it’s not Friday.  But my schedule the last few weeks has been a little different, so I am finally adding the next installment of Boggle Friday!

I was able to do a lot with this one.  With 96 words and a score of 134, here it is!  Comment below on how you did!

V     T     P     O

N     E     S     U

I      E     D     F

H    M    A     G

The Trump Train: What It Really Is

I have been perplexed, bumfuzzled, confused, outright baffled by Trump supporters for weeks now.  I don’t understand the lack of logic and mindless worship of a man so clearly incompetent for the job of President.  I never understood it.  No, I don’t think Trump voters are stupid.  They’re not dumb.  They’re intelligent people — so what on earth would make them unashamedly defy logic so?  It has eluded me for a long time.

Until now.

I think I finally am beginning to understand why people, conservatives, Christians, Republicans, are rallying behind a man who doesn’t stand for any of their values.  I think I finally am getting a glimpse of how veterans can support a man who mocked one of their own heroes who went through Hell on earth.  I think I finally understand how people who hate politicians so much are voting for a man who embodies and emphasizes everything they hate about politicians.

This is the reason: they are angry.

That’s it.  That’s the only reason.

People are so angry at Obama, angry at the Republicans in Congress who did nothing to stop him, angry at Obamacare, angry at the national debt, angry at the Democrats, angry at Hillary Clinton, angry at liberal Supreme Court decisions, angry at the collapse of our country over the past decades — they are so angry that they are ready to vote in ANYBODY who uses angry rhetoric, angry comments, angry insults, angry promises, to challenge the current government, as well as any opposition.

They are so tired of a President who stands for nothing, that when someone comes along who pretends to stand strong, they unite fearlessly behind him — neglecting to notice that he himself does not stand for anything either!

They are so tired of a corrupt dishonest government that when a man comes along and unashamedly calls them out on it, they worship at his feet — never mind that he is just as corrupt and dishonest!

They are so tired of Democratic leadership in the Oval Office and Democratic policy winning in Congress, that they will vote in anyone Republican who has a chance to win — even if he is Republican in name only!

Why have people thrown away their logic, their eyesight, their minds, to unite behind the lying, narcissistic, liberal, immoral, confused, unknowledgeable con man?  Because they are angry.

No one can really say they are voting for Trump because of policy — because Trump has not given us one shred of policy that he will uphold when elected.  He has changed his position on every issue at least once.  There is no reason to believe that he will uphold the minute amount of policy he has stuck to — like the Mexican wall that he will somehow get Mexico to pay for.  It is becoming increasingly clear that nobody, not even Donald J. Trump, knows what Donald J. Trump will do in Office.

My advice to Trump voters: Look, I don’t think you’re stupid.  I think you are simply not looking at things with an open mind.  And I get it — I understand that you are angry because the left, the liberals, the Democrats, Obama and his minions, have stripped our country of values and meaning worldwide.  They have trampled on you for eight years.  I understand the frustration, the anger.

But please listen!  Look with an open mind at who is trying to win your vote now!  Watch Donald Trump in an interview.  Research his previous debates and interviews.  Look up the things he’s said about women.  Look up what he said about John McCain, who (for any faults he may have) went through hell on earth for your freedom.  Look at how he backpedals, flip-flops, lies, and doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  Look at how angry and flat-out mean he sounds.

I honestly believe you are intelligent enough to make the right decision, if you set aside your anger long enough to logically, reasonably consider your choices.

No, this is not a Cruz ad.  I don’t really care right now whether or not you vote for Cruz, or Kasich, or Paul Ryan.  That’s not my point, and not my current concern.  But please — look at the facts, set aside your anger, have an open mind, and see  Donald Trump for who he is — a lying con man who could do great damage to this country.

The End of Relativism

Let me start off by saying that this will not be a far-fetched pessimistic doomsday prophecy.  This entire article will be the complete end to relativism — if we truly applied relativism to every area of life, what would happen?  How would things logically end?

What is relativism?  It is the prevalent idea in our society that “there are no absolutes”, that “everyone decides for himself what is right and wrong”, “everyone defines his or her own boundaries”, “each person can define things how they want, as an individual.” It is the basis for transgenderism, homosexuality, divorce, abortion, and a whole assortment of other things.

Recently, when discussing transgenderism with some folks, someone told me that I could not call “male” and “female” facts, when they are actually definitions.  They went on to say that definitions are things that we can re-define, that people can choose to define for themselves, and that male and female do not always have to be defined on anatomy or genetics.  They can be defined in other ways.

Now, I for one was quite interested to hear this.  I would love to hear this individual’s definition of “male” or “female”, then.  I am very interested in hearing how they would define it in a dictionary.

I totally understand the difference between facts and definitions, but whose definition do we use for bathroom signs?  Can’t be everybody’s, or we would have conflict and chaos galore.  There has to be one standard definition of male and female that we use for the bathrooms – whose definition is it?  If we say “everybody’s”, we may as well throw away the “men” and “women” signs.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

At any rate, this person’s comment just shows what is at the heart of not only transgenderism, but many other controversial issues in our society today – people have come to believe that they really can define their own boundaries according to their own feelings and ideas, and that there are no absolutes to which we must conform.

And so, it is this idea that I would like to consider.  Let’s apply relativism to all areas of life.  After all, if there are no standards or absolutes in one area, why should we be forced to have them in others?  Again, I would like to make the point that I am not stretching things here.  I am just applying relativism to all areas of life.  Once you have conceded to the idea that there are no absolutes in one area, that we can redefine boundaries in one aspect of life, you can concede to it in other areas as well, right?  Are you ready?  I will warn you, it’s not pretty.  It’s rather frightening, as a matter of fact.

First of all, if we can redefine “male” and “female” on our feelings, rather than on physical, observable, scientific evidence, then let’s throw away our “No Trespassing”, “Members Only”, “Authorized Personnel Only”, and “Employees Only” signs.  Let’s throw away the “Men” and “Women” signs on bathroom doors, as mentioned above.  If we can enter whichever restroom we feel more appropriate entering, based on who we feel we are inside, then who’s to say a guy that dresses like a Wal-Mart employee isn’t really an employee, even if there’s no record of him in the system?  He feels like one inside.  To him, it’s very “real” that he is one.  Sure, there’s no observable, hard-copy evidence that he is one, just like there’s not physical, hard-copy evidence that man is really a woman, but that shouldn’t stop them, right?

What’s to stop someone from going into someone else’s house, because they “feel” like they are a member of that household?  What’s to stop from someone coming into a high-end, swanky golf club who’s not a member, just because inside, they feel they are a member?

Actually, what’s to stop some guy from sleeping with another guy’s wife, because according to his personal definition, they are “married”, or he is her real “husband”?

Not only may we just as well throw away our no-longer-effective exclusion signs that “discriminate” and are “bigoted” against other people’s feelings, but we must also release all mental hospital patients.  After all, how fair is it to praise a man who feels he is a woman, but lock up a man who feels he is Abe Lincoln reincarnated?  It’s just as real to him as it is to the trans person.  Transgender folks have no more evidence that their delusion is real than he does, so why lock him up and praise the others?  Talk about “bigotry” and “discrimination”!  How much more hateful could you be – squelching someone’s inner self!  Who are you to tell them who they really are?  If that lady feels she is Joan of Arc, who are you to tell her she isn’t?

Also, you can forget about riding a plane, train, car, or using anything mechanical or even remotely dangerous – industry and safety standards, measurement specifications, and so on, all of them are too restrictive.  Suddenly, everyone can redefine a centimeter, a foot, a mile, a kilogram, a pound, etc., however they want!  Planes will collide mid-air, if they even get off the ground, and vehicles will spin out of control, because they no longer meet industry standards – because everyone can redefine his own standards!

Am I blowing things out of proportion here?  No, I’m just following relativism to its logical conclusion in all areas of life!  Once we concede in one area, why not concede in all?  Where does it stop?

And what is the result?  If everyone could define a foot, a minute, an ounce, the way they wanted, disaster, chaos, death, and destruction would ensue.  We have absolute standards because they are the only way to avoid chaos and destruction; they are the only way to have order in society!

This applies to life as well, not just construction.  If no absolute measurements or standards in construction and engineering leads to disaster, what do you think no absolute standards in life leads to?  You guessed it — disaster!

Sure, individual freedom is great.  I believe in it.  I am glad we have it in our country.  But it is not invincible freedom.  It must have limits; everyone must have standard boundaries to which they conform for there to be any order whatsoever in our society.

I mean, think about it.  When you start a job, join a club, a private society, become a member of an organization, you agree to certain standards put upon you so that there can be order and not chaos within the organization, at the workplace, and so on.  You willingly give up some of your freedoms for the good, stability, and order of the organization.  Why would it be any different for a whole society – or for life itself?

So go ahead, society, person, individual who thinks we can all define our own boundaries, that there are no absolutes.  What will be the result, should our society go that direction?  Chaos, destruction, demolition, death, madness, anarchy, collapse of government, slavery, oppression, persecution, misery.

If you’re OK with our country, our society ending up in that sad, demolished state, being a has-been, a smoldering rubble-heap full of memories of greatness, then go ahead – define your own standards, your own definitions.

And watch your world crumble.

It’s not pessimism.  It’s not far-fetched.

It’s the logical conclusion of universal relativism.  And I’m giving our society a warning before it’s too late.